Beating Spring Allergies and Illnesses

May 1, 2023

Most of us get excited for the change of season, warm weather, kids playing outside, and outside activities, but with all that excitement, many of us including parents get stressed because we know it is the season of allergies and illnesses.

Allergies and immune challenges are in the rise now more than ever since our and our little ones' nervous and immune systems are being challenged and distressed more than ever.

However, there is a way OUT of this neuro-immune-medication-behavior storm that develops for your family every spring (and probably also in the fall). The solution is to enroll your family in a more holistic and neurologically oriented health plan.

1. Have a pediatric chiropractor examine your child and your nervous system.
2. Despite the hectic period that spring provides with school and sports, ensure that you and your little one get enough sleep.
3. Reduce foods like sugar, dairy, and particularly food coloring and preservatives as much as you can.
Use organic immune boosters such as vitamins, dietary additions, and essential oils.

We strongly advise starting with item #1 from that list. Immune and digestive system functions are absolutely "ruled" by the neurological system.

The immune system is left in a pro-inflammatory and highly reactive state when the neurological system is stressed and malfunctioning (subluxated), making allergies and disease far more common and severe.

Allergies and diseases are not treated or cured by pediatric chiropractors. We simply try to rebuild and repair the neuro-immune function, which has probably been worn out and shut down.

And when we do, a lot of families discover that they can finally "Kick the Sick" and put an end to all the mood and behavior problems that result from taking steroid-based meds nonstop all spring long!

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